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"Wildwood" ex YTL 583  63' x 16'6" x 5' ex Navy target tower and tug used by the Canadian Navy.         Built 1944 by Falconer Marine in Victoria, B.C.  She was built with laminated oak frames and fir planking.  

When I purchased she was serving her last few years with the Sea Cadets in Victoria, B.C.

She is a wooden vessel and in her original configuration had a good size forward deck followed by a small pilot house, small engine trunk aft of pilot house and then a long after deck.  At that time she was powered with a 300 HP Cummins NH diesel with a Capitol gear.

  new ww from stern.jpg (37135 bytes) new ww close stern.jpg (36338 bytes)  ww at gordys dock.jpg (31173 bytes)

ww at gords dock bow.jpg (25653 bytes)

The above pictures show the vessel in her original state.  The first three were taken in Victoria.  The last two were taken at my brother Gordons dock in Burrard Inlet.

ww moored indian arm.jpg (24007 bytes) ww indian arm from above.jpg (15073 bytes) ww sunk 1.jpg (38671 bytes)  ww sunk 3.jpg (29013 bytes) ww sunk 5.jpg (30350 bytes)

In the above series the first two pictures are at our dock in Indian Arm.  The next few groups show a small catastrophe we encountered along the way.  

On a Saturday morning I was way up the hill fixing our water line in the creek which supplied our home with water when I heard my wife Wendy calling as she came up through the woods..seems like the Wildwood was sinking at the dock.  Turned out she was more than sinking, she was sunk!  We had been away most of the week during the day and had not noticed her getting lower in the water.  A neighbor (nice guy!) came over later to tell us he had noticed her getting lower day by day and had thought nothing of it?  Anyhow, I called my brother Gordon, who just happened to own a crane barge, my friend Murray Brown, who was scheduled to start working on the conversion in the next month or so, and James Nelson, Wendy's cousin who is the  maintenance manager at Burrard Yacht Club.  Murray was just coming over second narrows bridge in Vancouver Harbour and so was only 20 minutes away.  Jamie loaded the Club skiff with pumps and headed up.  By noon we were all there, including the crane barge.  Once the slings were around the hull and steadying her up we started pumping.  Didn't take long and she was floating again.  Turned out a 1/2" nipple on the stuffing box and let go and started to fill her up.  Took a while but the forward port holes were open and once they met the water it was all over.

The pictures above Centre: as she looked when I first saw her. Next James Nelson setting up pumps and Murray Brown fishing for dinner.  Next another picture when we first arrived.

 ww sunk 2.jpg (47307 bytes) ww sunk 4.jpg (31113 bytes) ww sunk 6.jpg (44153 bytes) ww sunk 7.jpg (43769 bytes) ww sunk 8.jpg (32309 bytes)

Above, slings are on and pumping started.  There's Murray again.  

ww sunk 9.jpg (45629 bytes) ww sunk 11.jpg (35700 bytes) ww sunk 12.jpg (42969 bytes) ww sunk 13.jpg (39126 bytes) ww sunk 14.jpg (22589 bytes)

Lots and lots of pumping.  Three 3" pumps bringing her up.  Last picture she's finally up and on her way to Burrard Yacht Club for inspection and clean up.

  ww on grid.jpg (24886 bytes) ww removing Cummins Diesel.jpg (26868 bytes) new ww on grid from stern.jpg (25162 bytes) ww today.jpg (16722 bytes) wildwood profile today.jpg (79126 bytes)

This next series of pictures above show her, from left to right, the first three on the grid at Burrard Yacht Club.  One show's her engine being lifted out.  The last two show her as she was when converted to yacht.

Next we'll show the actual job of conversion.

To this point we had owned the boat for about a year and a half.  We had a 50' Monk which we were cruising with and the Wildwood was sort of on the back burner.  During this time we had scraped off the thick coating on the deck and applied Cetol.  We had also painted the hull.  With the sinking plans changed some-what.  Shortly after that we sold the Monk and were in a position to work full time on the Wildwood.  Original plans were to keep the Cummins engine but that had now changed.  Inspecting it in the shop it was determined that she was much more worn than we had anticipated and so we decided to put in a new engine.  That would come later, but for now we hauled the old one out to allow us to get in and strip out the engine room because of the water damage.  We now had to completely strip the vessel of all machinery and wiring, something we hadn't planned on doing.

ww rebuild 1.jpg (38606 bytes) ww rebuilt 2.jpg (33548 bytes) ww rebuild 3.jpg (35085 bytes) ww rebuild 4.jpg (34242 bytes) ww rebuild 6.jpg (34146 bytes)

Left to right.  Starting to remove decking where the new laminated cabin coaming will be built.  Next deck and deck beams removed and new coaming installed.  Starting to put in floors.  First bulkhead wall goes in on stern cabin.  The aft cabin will be a stateroom with the galley ahead of it.  There will be an open cockpit raised over the engine room and the old pilot house will remain forward.

ww rebuild 7.jpg (42697 bytes)  ww rebuild 9.jpg (31602 bytes)    ww rebuild 8.jpg (36786 bytes) ww rebuild 11.jpg (31842 bytes) ww rebuild 12.jpg (36631 bytes)   

Second picture Wendy inspecting her galley and Murray adding how much this is going to add to the kids college fund..  Centre picture the stack sitting on the back deck waiting for it's new home.  My daughter Penny applying red lead to the underside of floors.

ww rebuild 13.jpg (33826 bytes) ww rebuild 14.jpg (29631 bytes) ww rebuild 15.jpg (34170 bytes) ww rebuild 16.jpg (33065 bytes) ww rebuild 17.jpg (35116 bytes)

First picture the deck framing over the engine room, the new cockpit.  Next more bulkheads in the aft cabin and side framing going in.  Center picture looking aft over the top of the pilot house at the new aft cabin.  Next pilot house roof has been removed to clean up deck beams and to allow installation of the new style cabin tops.  For the cabin tops we laid tongue and groove cedar lengthways over the deck beams and then covered them with a 1" strip on top of the beams, filled the area in between with foam board, then 3/4" plywood on top of that and then fibre-glassed the top.  Last picture shows outside of pilot house having all the old paint removed.

 ww rebuild 19.jpg (27305 bytes)  ww rebuild 20.jpg (30202 bytes)  ww rebuild 21.jpg (38655 bytes)  ww rebuild 22.jpg (29474 bytes) ww rebuild 24.jpg (30878 bytes)

Cabin beams going in.  We cut these from timber we had chain sawed out of downed trees at home.  Side of aft Cabin. Sides were coated with two part epoxy sealer and them primed.  They were then filled with epoxy filler and sanded, primed, filled with fine filler, primed and then painted with marine enamel.  Furthest right showing temporary  stairs into galley from raised cockpit area.

ww rebuild 25.jpg (30674 bytes)  ww rebuild 26.jpg (35256 bytes)  ww rebuild 28.jpg (24518 bytes)  ww rebuild 27.jpg (22909 bytes)  ww rebuild 30.jpg (27164 bytes)

Grand-daughter Jessica inspecting galley.  Next shows the tongue and groove cedar laid on beams with slats running over them above beams to allow installation of foam.  This will be followed by 3/4" plywood and fiber glassed.  Center first coat of glass on aft cabin.  Next tongue and groove cedar varnished ready for first layer on pilot house roof. 

ww rebuild 33.jpg (25312 bytes) ww rebuild 1.jpg (28920 bytes) 2.jpg (24596 bytes) 4.jpg (35500 bytes)

First picture above, all cabin tops now glassed and gel-coated and trimmed out.  Next, stack finally in place above engine room.  View from at towards pilot house.  Wendy varnishing pilot house windows.  Windshield for centre cockpit steering station installed.  Last showing center cockpit steering station and access to pilot house.

5.jpg (31302 bytes)    wildwood focsle.jpg (43866 bytes)  wildwood galley.jpg (54294 bytes) wildwood galley-lounge.jpg (62857 bytes) wildwood lounge.jpg (45767 bytes)

Access to aft cabin.  Interior of forward master cabin in focsle.  Center showing galley dinnette from aft lounge..    This was opened up and changed as seen here and master cabin built forward. Next picture shows lounge area from  galley.  The first year the after area was bulk-headed off and set up as a master stateroom but this was changed by the second summer as the galley area was not large enough for entertaining.  Last is other corner of galley showing fridge. 

wildwood pilot housw.jpg (55035 bytes)  6.jpg (42824 bytes)  7.jpg (39797 bytes)

Interior of pilot house.  Next on lift from stern.  Last picture from bow.  Hull very stream lined and easy to push.

We spent a year and a half doing major portion of conversion to yacht and over the next two years changed the galley and added forward stateroom.

"Ladner Lass" is a 47' ex seiner which is currently undergoing conversion to a yacht.  

Ladner Lass for web site.jpg (26506 bytes) LL in water.jpg (32146 bytes) Ladner Lass on dock side.jpg (38451 bytes) Ladner Lass  on dock stern.jpg (31753 bytes) 

First picture is of the Ladner Lass as she was originally built.  Next three pictures show her as she was before conversion started.  At some point in her life her pilot house had been raise which gives excellent visibility when cruising and was going to be retained.

LL stern cabin cut out.jpg (29953 bytes) LL galley rough.jpg (35104 bytes) LL looking up to inside of pilot house.jpg (37074 bytes)

The hold in the vessel was foamed and glassed, and removing that was first priority.  Until it was removed you would not know condition of the hull in that area.  You also needed to know what sort of head room you would have.  This was a big job and took about two weeks to complete.  Once this area was opened up the original bulkheads had to be re-positioned to allow for the after trunk cabin.  At the same time the fuel tanks were slid into the hold area from the engine room and cleaned and painted.  All old plumbing and electrical wiring was  removed from the boat.  

The vessel was lifted at Trites Marine in Steveston and a  portable shelter erected over it.  All of the housework except the pilot house was then removed.  Designing the housework took a lot of time and was constantly being reviewed as things were opened up.  Original intention was to have a full cabin aft, but it was found that the sheer line of the vessel when viewed on the side was quite different than what you saw.  As in many of these vessels, it was found that the deck from the bow to the after end of the old house was on one line, but it altered quite drastically from their aft, so the deck did not flow as it appeared to.  It was found that to have a continuous long cabin would not be practical, as you would run out of headroom unless the whole cabin was raised substantially.  Thus the decision to have the aft trunk cabin.  Murray Brown of Browns Boat Works, located in Steveston, was brought in to build the new cabin.  Murray is well known amongst the fishing fleet and does excellent work.

The above three pictures show the vessel after she has had all but the pilot house removed and the new cabin framed it.  The third picture shows the original pilot house with the bulkheads removed, notice how the floor level in the pilot hose is about 4' higher than the aft area..  First picture looking into new aft trunk cabin which will become the master stateroom.  Center picture shows starboard side in the new galley looking aft towards trunk cabin.

LL new house from stern.jpg (40314 bytes) new house port.jpg (75990 bytes) new house stbd.jpg (47707 bytes)


cranberry 2.jpg (19970 bytes) blueberry profile.jpg (80755 bytes) Ex Fire Boat "Blueberry" converted to tug and then yacht by Fremont Tug in Lake Union, Seattle. blueberry.jpg (12572 bytes) blueberry3.jpg (22922 bytes) (these two pictures courtesy of Mark Freeman, Owner, Seattle, WA)


forest surveyor 2.jpg (97100 bytes)  Ex Forestry Patrol Vessel "Forest Surveyor" ex Combat class vessel.   Purchased from government service by Peter Brown, a skipper for Seaspan, who lived aboard and chartered during the summer months.  Recently sold and undergoing some changes as Yacht.


Glendevon.jpg (233931 bytes) Glendevon drawing.jpg (1145582 bytes)

Glendevon.jpg (58597 bytes) glendevon aft port.jpg (65950 bytes) glendevon bow deck detail.jpg (65695 bytes) glendevon bow on.jpg (81587 bytes) glendevon drawing.jpg (45211 bytes) glendevon entrance aft.jpg (52457 bytes)         Ex Tug "Glendevon" Glen Class Tug converted to Yacht by Art Anderson.  Operated for many years out of Prince Rupert by Armour Tug & Salvage and later for Bute Towing and then Rivtow out of Vancouver.  An exceptional conversion which has completely re-built the boat to better than new. 


glendevon2.jpg (37568 bytes) glen-old.jpg (27027 bytes) (These two pictures courtesy Art Anderson, Owner)


Gulf Tide.jpg (56488 bytes) Ex Tug "Gulf Tide"  Originally used towing wood in Interior lake.  Brought out and rebuilt at Allied Shipyards.  Towed oil barges and general towing for a few years before being converted to Yacht.


Island Ranger.jpg (69304 bytes) "Island Ranger" Ex Tug converted from ST.  We currently have a sister vessel for sale under our Tug section - lower pictures show this tug as it is now.

MT 464 profile.jpg (21975 bytes) MT464 bow on.jpg (20491 bytes) Similar ST


 "Castle Rock" ex Forestry boat.  This picture taken when vessel first purchased.  New Owners Penny and David Thompson picked the boat up at Brentwood Bay, ran to Vancouver to load supplies and headed off on three weeks vacation.  Over the last three years they have extensively re-fitted her.


Maritime Towing

"5a58ab40.jpg (17738 bytes) "Green Cove"  Towed logs on B.C. Coast.  Dismantled and sunk off Point Grey.          Photo from Don Medforth at Westcoast Tugs site

  courtesy of Don Medforth

Now a Yacht                           Still around as Yacht


"Vigourous II"                          "Hornblower"                          

Vigorous fire.jpg (4848724 bytes)   

Tug "Vigorous" fire.  Written off and sold.  Was converted to Yacht. 



creosote.jpg (79524 bytes) "Creosote" ex tug now character yacht.  Picture taken in Kingston, Washingon.


ella mckenzie.jpg (77176 bytes) Ella Mckenzie.jpg (559491 bytes) Ella Mckenzie laid up in Nanaimo.jpg (1257850 bytes) Ella McKenzie after tow to Vancouver.jpg (709235 bytes) Ella McKenzie in U.S..jpg (250490 bytes) Ella McKenzie in La Conner.jpeg (169511 bytes)

Ella McKenzie new interior aft looking fwd into pilot house.jpeg (39687 bytes) Ella McKenzie new interior looking aft.jpeg (26564 bytes) Ella McKenzie in Nanaimo.jpg (29763 bytes) Ella McKenzie on dock in North Vancouver.jpg (41036 bytes) mt447ellainsling.jpg (57477 bytes) mt447ellaondockportside.jpg (40099 bytes)

 " Ella McKenzie"  36' wood tug converted to yacht.  Robert Kleaman with some help from Murray Brown, of Murray Brown Boatworks, gutted housework and fitted with spacious galley opening into pilot house.  Fcsle fitted with double bed and room for head.  Due to an accident the vessel was sunk.  When raised the main engine was removed and the vessel sold.  Now in Tacoma completing re-fit as Yacht.  The "Ella McKenzie" was built by McKenzie Shipyards in North Vancouver to the same design as the "Glendevon" and built from timbers left over from WW2 construction of the Glen class tugs.  Recently purchased and returned to BC.  Owner had major re-construction work done on the tug.


leslie ann.jpg (91873 bytes) "Leslie Ann" Old wood tug converted to Yacht/Liveaboard.  Presently in Maple Bay


  leslie ann.jpg (40918 bytes) (Photo's  courtesy Don Medforth) Leslie Ann stern.jpg (46462 bytes) leslieann3_2.jpg (28644 bytes)


Marlin II when Whitcroft had her.jpg (1866428 bytes)  marlin II.jpg (23610 bytes) marlin II stern.jpg (711853 bytes)"Marlin II"  72' wood tug.  Originally a steam tug with upper pilot house.  Now converted to a character yacht in the U.S. 

clayburn.jpg (15771 bytes) marlinll-old.jpg (37000 bytes) (These two pictures courtesy Don Medforth)


    okisollo mid size 2.jpg (19236 bytes) okisollo 2.jpg (56997 bytes) okisollo port 2.jpg (47294 bytes) okisollo stern 2.jpg (37509 bytes)  Okisallo side in water.jpg (62432 bytes) Okisallo bow.jpg (23495 bytes) Okisallo pilot house.jpg (58888 bytes) Okisallo spec.jpg (81882 bytes) okisollo spec 2.jpg (53757 bytes) Okisollo" ex Combat Class vessel built during the war for coastal patrol.  Converted to tug and operated towing logs.  Converted by the Wilson family to Yacht in the late fifties.  First picture (photo courtesy Don Medforth, taken around 1981) shows her as originally converted.  Command Bridge was later removed.okisollo_2005.jpg (24346 bytes) photo courtesy of Don Medforth

sooke post.jpg (78231 bytes) 72' Rock class Fisheries Patrol boat currently undergoing conversion to Yacht.


union jack.jpg (60821 bytes) "Union Jack"85' Glen class WWII tug operated for many years by Straits Towing Ltd.  Converted to Fishing Charter Vessel.

union jack.jpg (13338 bytes) UJ2.jpg (35784 bytes) (Picture courtesy Art Anderson)

"Lady Goodiver" ex "Maplewood" 

maplewood bow on.jpg (258561 bytes) "Maplewood"  Maplewood.jpg (810936 bytes) Retired and converted to charter vessel "Lady Goodiver" 

goodiver.jpg (68126 bytes) photo courtesy Don Medforth

Charter Yacht converted from U.S. Sub chaser which had previously been a tug.

"Passagemaker I"

 MV027 YTD 9 as original Navy.jpg (3394589 bytes) DSCF0064.jpg (156116 bytes) DSCF0062.jpg (175893 bytes) DSCF0085.jpg (104022 bytes) DSCF0086.jpg (107541 bytes) DSCF0083.jpg (104059 bytes)

MV027.jpg (700493 bytes) passgemaker_stern_on_dock.jpeg (275973 bytes)  Untitled-1.jpeg (231697 bytes)pilot_house.jpeg (75134 bytes)8.jpeg (62476 bytes)DSCF0016.jpg (141769 bytes)

  DSCF0019.jpg (173814 bytes) pm_interior_3.jpeg (58219 bytes) pm_interiour_3.jpeg (55689 bytes) pm_interiour_6.jpeg (59691 bytes)  pm_interior_10.jpeg (58919 bytes) pm_interiour_11.jpeg (70156 bytes) 

"Passagemaker I" was built in 1958 in White Rock, B.C. for the Canadian Navy as a Dive Tender.  We have owned her for about 5 years and during that time have turned her into a very comfortable yacht.   

"Winamac" ex "Sea Rover"

     photo courtesy of Don Medforth

Tug "Sea Rover" was operated for many years by Bute Towing in Vancouver, B.C. towing equipment barges on the BC Coast.  Was sold for conversion to yacht.  Pictures below were taken during re-construction as a yacht in Seattle.  Since these pictures she was struck by another tug and sunk.  Subsequently re-built again and last reported still going strong.

winnawac.jpg (953102 bytes) scan0002.jpg (664943 bytes) scan0003.jpg (722696 bytes) scan0004.jpg (756622 bytes) scan0005.jpg (723030 bytes) scan0006.jpg (843820 bytes)

"Sea Wave" shown at various times in her history.  Presently being converted to a yacht in Seattle and is for sale.   Built for Young & Gore, of Vancouver, B. C., Sea Wave was launched on July 18, 1923.  Built at Vancouver Shipyards in Coal Harbor, Vancouver.

She measured 85 feet in length and 19 feet in the beam.  Her original engine was a 4-cylinder, 200 h.p. Werkspoor Diesel, speed of 9 knots at 275 rpm when running light.  225 rpm when towing. The propeller was four-bladed, the blades being detachable, with an area of 15 square feet. It had a 6 1/2 foot diameter propeller. 

 Sea Foam.jpg (26833 bytes) Sea Wave.jpg (444884 bytes)  linedrawing.jpeg (55891 bytes)  SWdrydock77.jpeg (33574 bytes) SWport.jpeg (41997 bytes) layout.gif (53922 bytes)

gillcrest-1.jpg (49955 bytes)   "Gilcrest"

 "Owl" ex "Louise Idaho"

Photo courtesy of Don Medforth

"Pacific Dolphin" 40' Wood Tug built in 1957.  Powered by GM 6:110 with stern blower.  Allisson 4.5:1 Reduction Gear.   Dismanteled.

Pacific Dolphin old.jpg (671639 bytes) DSC00058.jpg (118222 bytes)

"J.H. Phippen" & "Husky II"

MH Phippen & Husky.jpg (296062 bytes)  "J.H. Phippen"    restored as historical vessel in Prince        Rupert

"Nitinat Chief"

17924ac0.jpg (39934 bytes)    NitinatChief-122301.jpg (42740 bytes) Nitinat Chief bow.jpg (3868800 bytes) Nitinat Chief.jpg (874683 bytes)   photo courtesy of Don Medforth         converted to yacht.    

                             Above 2 photo's courtesy of Don Medforth

"Sea Ferring" last seen in Fraser River as house boat.



"LPG 4" ex"Rivtow Eagle" 


"Sea Cap II" 

Originally owned by Valley Towing.  Now based out of Campbell River. 

 "Sea Guard" Owned by Don McKenzie and operated out of Porpoise Bay, Sechelt.  Used both for work and as yacht.

Sea Guard at dock.jpg (366107 bytes) Sea Guard stern.jpg (893167 bytes)

 "Sorg"  now "Why-Ack Brave" 

Sorg.jpg (494773 bytes) Sorg 2.jpg (451465 bytes) Sorg on dock.jpg (446799 bytes) Damar II.jpg (262189 bytes) sorg now.jpg (441902 bytes)  

Why-.jpg (735041 bytes) Why-Ack Brave 2.jpg (988605 bytes) 

"E.D. Stone"

  E.D. Stone.jpg (180197 bytes)  scan0006.jpg (1040251 bytes)

"Tugger York" then "Curtis K", "Merry C"  now in Nanaimo as "Tugger G" 

Curtis K ex Tugger York.jpg (390657 bytes)  

Originally "Mary M" then "Lorraine K II" then "Grey Dawn" currently owned by Kleaman Marine 

Grey Dawn ex Lorraine K II, ex Mary H.jpg (328640 bytes)  


Reliant.jpg (2046511 bytes)  Reliant 2jpg.jpg (204480 bytes)

"Sea Coaster"

Sea Coaster.jpg (815090 bytes) Sea Coaster stbd side.jpg (655522 bytes)  


Standoff.jpg (590474 bytes) Standfast.jpg (715092 bytes)  

ex "Seaspan Rover" now "Mountain Rover"

Seaspan Rover.jpg (863173 bytes)  mountain rover.jpg (51005 bytes) mt486 mountain rover 2.jpg (64147 bytes)

"Black Bear II"

Currently for Vessel refitted and Cat D379 completely rebuilt

Black Bear from dock.jpg (682139 bytes)  Black Bear towing mud barge.jpg (3405379 bytes) 

"Black Prince" ex "Marjorie L" 

   Black Prince on dock port side.jpg (528280 bytes)  Black Prince.jpg (625316 bytes) Black Prince stern.jpg (840973 bytes)  

 Black Prince  Jomar  Imperial Yarder Colleen K Kathy K.jpg (643539 bytes) Tugs "Black Prince", Jomar",  "Imperial Yarder", "Colleen K" in back.  False Creek Towing dock, False Creek,  Vancouver,  B.C.

Black Tusk.jpg (243470 bytes) "Black Tusk"

"Burrard" Ville Class ex Canadian Navy Tug - 1st picture in storage in Winnipeg, 2nd picture arrived in Vancouver, 3rd picture ready to go to work.  Presently working in the Nass River area.

Burrard .jpg (560280 bytes) Burrard port on dock.jpg (397182 bytes) Burrard in water.jpg (778158 bytes)

'Commodore Straits" in the Great Lakes moving ships.

COMMODORESTRAITSb0706-28-05.jpg (46468 bytes) COMMODORESTRAITSs0906-28-05.jpg (44705 bytes) 

"Chugaway II"

Chugaway II 2.jpg (222123 bytes) Chugaway II port profile.jpg (642139 bytes) Chugaway II stern deck.jpg (299358 bytes)  

"Colleen K"

Colleen K  2.jpg (558224 bytes) Colleen K towing.jpg (377427 bytes) Colleen K beign lifted our after sinking.jpg (500805 bytes)

Tug capsizes and sinks  Colleen K.jpg (3089370 bytes)    Colleen K.jpg (333682 bytes)

"Colleen K" ex "Forres" Last picture shown is the last I have seen of her.  Still out there?  Please let us know.

"Sea Champ" ex U.S. Army ST


"Gambier Chief" ex "La Bette"

Gambier Chief ex La Mite.jpg (240573 bytes)

"Gulf Prince" ex "Kitmano"

Gulf Prince.jpg (617352 bytes) Gulf Prince ex Kitmano.jpg (406748 bytes) WS1131_Gulf_Prince_01.jpg

Originally "Gulf Rosemary" now "Nanaimo Husky"

0f08ab80.jpg (36248 bytes) Gulf Rosemary.jpg (185392 bytes) Gulf Rosemary 2.jpg (248437 bytes) Nanaimo Husky ex Gulf Rosemary.jpg (692523 bytes) 

Gilspray.jpg (63356 bytes)  "Gillspray" 

picture courtesty of Rick Shrewsbury

"Hilda McKenzie"

Hilda McKenzie new.jpg (1957382 bytes) 

"Hyak II"

  Hyak II new.jpg (2695096 bytes)Hyak II alongside Nanaimo Tillicum in Pender Hbr.jpg (1083032 bytes)Hyack II.jpg (574412 bytes)

"Iron Mac" after sinking

Iron Mac II after sinking.jpg (654924 bytes) 

"Island Commander" originally "Andrew Kelly" as shown in 1st picture.

Island Commander original.jpg (500437 bytes) Island Commander.jpg (3140784 bytes) pictures courtesy of Don Medforth

     Savage Warrior ex Grand Bank.jpg (620313 bytes) Grand Bank during rebuild.jpg (1280554 bytes) "Grand Bank" ex "Savage Warrior" ex "Grand Bank" Sunk in Campbell River.  Skipper lost.  Raised and rebuilt but as of 2005 not yet back in service.  Currently for sale.

J[1].M. Swaine.jpg (22200 bytes)   "J.M. Swain" destroyed in fire.  Rebuilt as the         "Malaspina Voyageur"  Now named "Lady Jodi".  Sunk at dock in Fraser River December 2008 and written off by insurance company.  Will likely be refurbished.   


These are current pictures.  Originally powered with cat engine.  Had stack, upper controls with                     dodger, towing winch.   Built by the Gulf of Georgia Towing Company.   Lost with owner aboard

This picture taken a few years ago in Porpoise Bay

"Humphry J"  

Originally built as "Debra K" by Vito.  Had major fire when in Williston Lake.  House removed and waiting rebuilding by present owner in Alberta.


"Service IX"


"Glengary" shown here arriving from England where she was purchased by Seaforth Towing.


"Jean L"  Owned at the time by Lyttle Bros Towing.  Shown towing logs off Pt. Atkinson.




Anyone having information or more pictures of these or others please pass along

"Island Ranger" ex "Pacific Foam"  Photo's of Pacific Foam courtesy of Don Medforth

Island Ranger in Bella Coola.jpg (972771 bytes) Island Ranger in Bella Coola port side blue.jpg (871811 bytes) Island Ranger in Bella Coola stbd side.jpg (888386 bytes) Island Ranger on dock.jpg (549759 bytes) 

These two pictures courtesy of Don Medforth

December 2008 - Island Ranger aground in Tofino, B.C.     Reported dismantled.

These photos courtesy of





"Sea Imp"




Operated by Bute Towing out of False Creek towing barges.  Now a fish packer.

"Green Point"

Operated in False Creek by Evens Coleman  & Evens hauling small gravel barges.




"StormKing"  originally "R.Bell Irving" (1st Picture) Was recently sunk & raised. 

 No longer towing.  Sunk.

 Stormking stern with Stormpoint bow.jpg (2014124 bytes) Stormking stern.jpg (742186 bytes) Stormking - fuzzy.jpg (394975 bytes) 


Glenshiel & Mount Comet .jpg (508164 bytes) Glenshiel ship docking.jpg (475562 bytes)

"Glenshiel" ex "Lotbinnere"

  The "Glenshiel" was recently sunk and reported not recoverable.  2007

"Ocean Plunger" Lost in Indian Arm

Ocean Plunger.jpg (177244 bytes) Ocean Plunger in False Creek.jpg (169438 bytes)  

"Rivtow Rogue" Lost with all hands 

Rivtow Rogue.jpg (1362147 bytes) 

gillspray.jpg (23012 bytes)

gillfoam.jpg (23366 bytes)

"Island Planet"  ex "Attaboy" The first tug operated by Island Tug & Barge of Victoria, B.C.  Many years ago I saw her after conversion to something other than a tug looking not long for this world.  Doubt she is still around.

Island Planet as original.jpg (741366 bytes) Island Comet.jpg (797258 bytes) Island Comet in Westview.jpg (334265 bytes) Island Planet in Westview.jpg (363137 bytes)  

"Gillking" Last operated by Pacific Tug towing logs.  Reported dismantled. in Port Albernie

Gill King.jpg (771431 bytes)  

"Jordina" originally "Kathy K".  Built by Bissett & Gillstine in North Vancouver.  Reported destroyed by fire.

Above pictures of Kathy K new  being launched from Bissett yard in North Vancouver

Jordina ex Kathy K.jpg (613795 bytes)

Kathy K original.jpg (1586959 bytes) When "Kathy K" was a year old she suffered an explosion and fire.   Shown here after being raised in False Creek.

  "Marjorie K" originally "Artic Straits" reported dismantled after sinking in the Queen Charlottes.  

Arctic Straits 1.jpg (2406562 bytes) Arctic Straits 3.jpg (2582422 bytes)  Marjorie K ex Arctic Straits.jpg (204274 bytes)

"OB I" Last seen in Lund, B.C. on land slowly falling apart.

OB I in Lund.jpg (184368 bytes)  

"Scimitar" Sunk running from Campbell River to Logging Camp.

Scimitar.jpg (802330 bytes)  

"Sea Comet" ex Combat Class.  Reported lost by fire in Howe Sound.

Sea Comet.jpg (114117 bytes)  

"Sea Foam II" Reported lost by fire.

Sea Foam II.jpg (248426 bytes)  

My Best.jpg (254728 bytes) "Myn Best"

 Sea Fox II.jpeg (15343 bytes) Sea Fox II.jpg (449277 bytes) "Sea Fox II" Sunk.  Keel broken. 

Last seen as a barge in Oyster Farm.

 NWD 101.jpg (304694 bytes) "OB I"

Sea Venture on dock stbd side.jpg (183921 bytes) "Sea Venture" Lost by fire and sinking.  Operated for many years by Bute Towing of Vancouver towing equipment barges.

Smitty.jpg (251079 bytes) "Smitty" Sunk.  Last seen in a field at Celtic Shipyards in Vancouver.

Stormer Dick.jpg (656213 bytes) "Stormer" Built by Dick Richardson and operated by him until he passed away a few years ago.  Was sunk off Campbell River.

"Swiftsure II" Sunk.  Was raised & converted to yacht.  Would appreciate a picture as she is today.

Swiftsure X.jpg (232362 bytes)     swiftsure-2.jpg (25275 bytes) photo courtesy of Don Medforth  

   5ba8a9b0.gif (89876 bytes)  "Gander" last operated by Gulf of Georgia Towing in B.C.  Sunk.            5bb8af00.gif (130957 bytes) 5fb8aaf0.jpg (25427 bytes) photos courtesy of Don Medforth

"La Fille" became "West Coaster". Reported lost by sinking.    

  Westcoaster profile.jpg (191207 bytes)   5fe8ad90.jpg (27001 bytes)        Westcoaster at Van shipyard.jpg (242358 bytes)                     



"Seaspan Mariner" & "Seaspan Charger" Sent to China & Scrapped.

 seaspanmariner_2.jpg (46664 bytes) seaspanmariner.jpg (17949 bytes) two pictures courtesy of Don Medforth

"Seaspan Voyageur" Sent to China & Scrapped

  La Pointe.jpg (688427 bytes) "Kingsway" re named "La Pointe" sitting semi-derelict in Fraser River, B.C.  Reported may be converted to live a board.

 LaPointe-122301.jpg (33430 bytes) lapointe-old.jpg (43766 bytes) two photos courtesy of Don Medforth

  "La Bette" Sunk off Point Grey while dumping barges for Expo

"Le Prince" one of two sister tugs.  One converted to yacht and the other scrapped.

6068a590.jpg (40732 bytes) "Rivtow Lion" ex "Prudence" Sunk as dive site off Nanaimo, B.C.

"Rivtow Viking" Reported scrapped in China

"Seaspan Wave" Sent to China & Scrapped.

"Seaspan Star" Scrapped.

59f8a020.jpg (33552 bytes)  "Emerald Straits" Sunk with all hands in Howe Sound

photo courtesy of Don Medforth

Goblin with barge.jpg (222093 bytes) "Goblin"      Goblin & Radio towing ship out of False Creek WWII.jpg (168859 bytes) "Goblin" &        towing ship out of False Creek  during WW II


5fc8ad90.jpg (28003 bytes) "Goblin" Sunk photo courtesy of Don Medforth

6018ad90.jpg (26321 bytes)

  Buster B.jpg (480900 bytes) Buster B rebuilt.jpg (502154 bytes) Kathy K 2.jpg (720202 bytes) 2nd "Kathy K" ex "Westminster Chief"ex "Buster B" sunk & dismantled Prince Rupert, B.C.  Originally Steam Tug "Buster B".  Rebuilt during WWII by Westminster tug as virtually new tug, just the original keel left.  Building new was not allowed during war time.  Later new keel was installed.  Second picture after rebuilt.

Kathy K ex Westminster King.jpg (611897 bytes)  "Marlin II" now a yacht in Seattle & second "Kathy K" Marlin II and Kathy K.jpg (688677 bytes)

Kitmano.jpg (1022593 bytes) Kitmano 2.jpg (786480 bytes) "Kitmano" sunk off West Coast of Vancouver Island

Manson.jpg (2681220 bytes)  "Manson" Sunk off Texada Island with loss of all hands.

Nitinat bow on dock.jpg (263565 bytes)  nitinatb.jpg (62731 bytes) Nitinat bow on port side on dock.jpg (231791 bytes)    "Nitinat" Sunk & written off..  Last seen being used on oyster farm.

Radiant ex Nanaimo Chief.jpg (540258 bytes)  Radiant in Pitt River.jpg (636580 bytes)  Radiant at Kleaman Dock.jpg (791353 bytes)  "Radiant" ex "Nanaimo Chief" (Straits Towing)  Converted to Yacht in mid sixties. Sunk and dismantled Shown here alongside "Pacific Challenge" 

Sea Booster ex Island Booster.jpg (150845 bytes)  "Sea Booster"ex "Island Booster"

GM Flyer.jpg (955024 bytes) "G.M. Flyer" Last seen on Quadra Island.  Reported dismantled.

Mount Comet ex Jorgie.jpg (189057 bytes) "Mount Comet" ex "Jorgie" dismantled in Port Moody..

Gulf Bird bow.jpg (198101 bytes) Gulf Bird profile.jpg (311774 bytes) "Gulf Bird" ex "Black Bird" owned by Gulf of Georgia Towing.  Pictures taken shortly after she was raised after sinking.  Now serves as machine shop at Fisherman's Dock in False Creek, Vancouver'.

GulfBird.jpg (32203 bytes) blackbird.JPG (40250 bytes)   two photos courtesy of Don Medforth

Haro Straits close up.jpg (238992 bytes) Haro Straits profile.jpg (212787 bytes) "Haro Straits" sunk off Point Roberts with loss of all hands..  Shown here moored in Mission, B.C.  She has since been rebuilt for service as a fish packer.

HaroStraits-122301.jpg (41949 bytes) photo courtesy of Don Medforth

   Deerco.jpg (354600 bytes)   Deerco 2.jpg (369829 bytes)  Deerco Harriat Bay.jpg (447227 bytes) "Deerco" Last picture taken at Quadra Island.

Ocean Plunger.jpg (177244 bytes) Ocean Plunger in False Creek.jpg (169438 bytes) "Ocean Plunger" Sank in Indian Arm.

marymackin_A.jpg (20061 bytes) marymackin-A.jpg (30179 bytes) marymackin-c.JPG (39120 bytes) marymackinfire8.jpg (25181 bytes) photo's courtesy Don Medforth

"Mary Mackin" from start to finish

florencefilberg.jpg (17201 bytes) florencefilberg-down_2.jpg (38550 bytes) photo's courtesy of Don Medforth

"Florence Filberg" ex Miki class tug.  Operated for many years by Crown Forest in B.C.  Sunk in Seattle.

   Arrawac Frieghter.jpg (301481 bytes)  Beatrice.jpg (2582961 bytes) Beatrice on dock as frieghter .jpg (884460 bytes)                   "Beatrice" originally steam tug, converted to packer in False Creek for hauling dynamite.  Sold to Clay  family and named "Arrowac Freighter".  After a number of owners she was lost when she sunk.  Was underway when she started to sink.  Crew made a desperate effort to get her to shore.  Arrived at a dock and got some lines on, but she sank and was swept away by the tide and never found.

 "Dexter" picture taken in Okeover Inlet in behind Lund.

scan0005.jpg (182771 bytes) scan0004.jpg (229541 bytes)     "P.F. Stone" built by Stone Bros in Port Albernie.  Lost when she lost power and went ashore on the West Coast of the Queen Charllotte Islands.  Second picture she is shown in the background on the left of the "E.D. Stone" Last three in the Charrlottes

 scan0010.jpg (167518 bytes) "Island Trooper" on left reported dismantled.  "Island Comet" on the right, still going as the "Delta Fox".


Cloe 1.jpg (206707 bytes) Cloe 2.jpg (183277 bytes)  Cloe 3.jpg (159453 bytes) Cloe 4.jpg (101674 bytes)

"Canso Straits"

Canso Straits.jpg (162826 bytes) 


Haro.jpg (795706 bytes)


Moonlight Charles H Cates IV.jpg (357607 bytes)


Galiot.jpg (975290 bytes) Operated by the Gulf of Georgia Towing Co.


Haulaway.jpg (148150 bytes)  Last seen in Bella Coola  Chugaway II in Bella Coola.jpg (910598 bytes)

"Cedar Champ"

Cedar Champ.jpg (327896 bytes)

Pacific Mate.jpg (372344 bytes) "Pacific Wave"

"Tee Bird II" ex "Totem" Shown as Totem with original Vivian Diesel.

Tee Bird II close up.jpg (287210 bytes) totem on dock today.jpg (52352 bytes) totem stern on dock.jpg (51392 bytes) Scrapped at Shelter Island marina in 2008

"Strady IV"

Strady IV.jpeg (13926 bytes) Burnt on the shores of Williston Lake








Vancouver Tug Boat Company vessels

Many of the above pictures courtesy of Don Medforth

Bute Towing Company


Straits Towing Company